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Kimono - Byobu Designer Handbag 2
Kimono - Byobu Designer Handbag 3

Kimono - Byobu

A Designer Satin Handbag

Inspired by the Japanese Kimono (Japanese traditional robe) this luxurious bag is made from the highest quality materials. The Kimono - Byobu comes with a well-constructed leather handle and a removable leather wallet. This satin handbag is custom printed and is inspired by the change of season as the petals of flowers float on the wind.  Learn more about the Kimono


Made from a Japanese satin fabric, this satin kimono handbag has a subtle shine similar to the kimono. This fine fabric is a modern blend that is self-cooling and wrinkle free, giving it an exquisite look that is also durable. The light-weight nature of this fabric gives her the feel that she is wearing a portion of a kimono.  This trait makes it comfortable, airy, and functional for her everyday use. The leather accentuates this handbag with its cross stitch handle construction and its scratch resistant leather.


The Kimono - Byobu embodies her needs so she can enjoy it in both formal and casual settings.


-Cross stitch leather handle is constructed to be comfortable on her shoulder.

-Removable leather wallet, attached to a satin bag, that can hold her lipsticks & metro cards.


Size - 40 x 60 cm (L x W)

Weight - 500 gram

Fabric - 81% Triacetate, 19% Polyester  |  Japan

Lining - 100% Viscose

Leather - 100% Sheep Napa Leather  |  Italy

Hardware - Light gold color is easy to match with the jewelry she wears |  Italy