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Any present moment in life will not be repeated so I would like to serve the best tea for the person sitting in front of me


I remember with immense joy the memory of the small well-made tea pouch placed in the tearoom where my grandmother taught the tea ceremony for decades. The tea bag contained all the delicate instruments to perform the timeless ceremony.  This scene from childhood instilled in me a growing inspiration to study and learn the holistic philosophy behind the tea ceremony- what is the spirit of the tea ceremony.

The design concept for this line originated from the tea bag and the kimono used in the tea ceremony. The prints are inspired by nature and traditional Japanese paintings. From this, I have attempted to produce one-of-a-kind prints matched with quality Italian leather to create a strong look balanced with femininity.

The tea ceremony embodies the traditional and refined side of the Japanese culture. As you learn it, its practice and understanding deepens and increases in sophistication. At the heart, of this practice is the simplicity and essence of serving tea which is nuanced with meaning and the investment of time. I view fashion in the same way—having layers of meaning and investment, yet also something to be appreciated aesthetically. 

Just as tea is shared and served in the Tea Ceremony, I share the spirit of the Japanese tradition through the craft of handbag design.