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Sukiya Leather Designer Handbag 2

Sukiya Leather

A Designer Leather Clutch

Inspired by the Japanese Traditional Bag, this luxurious clutch is made from the highest quality materials. The bag comes with a removable gold colored strap. The Sukiya Leather is smooth, and has a unique gold finish that gives it elegance while keeping it lightweight.


Made from an Italian leather, this leather bag has a subtle shine and texture that is accentuated by with a gold luminescent surface. This leather is a scratch resistant, giving it an exquisite look that is also durable. The light-weight nature of this leather is comfortable and functional for her everyday use.  


The Sukiya Leather embodies her needs so she can enjoy it in both formal and casual settings.


-Magnetic clasp secures the handbag while allowing easy access.

-One slit pocket inside to hold her mobile device.

-Removable easy-to-adjust shoulder strap


Size - 17 x 24 cm (L x W)

Weight - 400 gram

Leather - 100% Cow Leather  |  Italy

Lining - 100% Viscose

Hardware - Light gold color is easy to match with the jewelry she wears  |  Italy